The Wish Teacup & Saucer


  • The Wish Teacup & Saucer
  • The Wish Teacup & Saucer

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Read and sip while a story unfolds in a spiral inside the teacup with the conclusion arriving as the drink is drunk. The fine black print inside the cup is complimented by the hand-applied 22 carat gold coin print that sits hidden underneath the saucer.

The text reads: 'She’d been carrying it in her pocket all day, it was hot in her hand, seemingly generating its own heat. This one would be different she thought, this won’t be like all the others that didn’t work. She reached the fountain and finally brought it out into the daylight where its golden colour flashed in the afternoon sun. Whispering secret sentences under her breath she released the gold coin with a flick of her fingers into the murky waters where it slowly came to settle.'

Exclusively made in England by traditional artisans of the Potteries.

Care Instructions: Cup is dishwasher and microwave safe, saucer hand wash only, do not microwave.

Cup is 73mm High, 76mm Diameter.  
Approximate Capacity: 190ml

Made In England.


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