Sunrise Atar

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  • Sunrise Atar
  • Sunrise Atar
  • Sunrise Atar

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Sculptural simplicity and a high-impact silhouette result in an instant two-tone classic.  Feel the glow in this bright, geometric arc made in highly-polished sterling silver and gold.

Drawn by hand, carved from wax, and then filed and polished by hand in our London studio, the solid silver Atar loop is a long time in the making, but an extremely tactile shape and weight results. Hung from two mirror-shine bars of silver which have a flattened back, like the Atar loop, so they sit comfortably in place.

Adjustable length necklace can be worn at 42cm chain and 47cm chain to suit all necklines.

Atar piece measures 8.3cm x 5.8cm x 0.4cm. Width of loops are 2.2cm, bars measure 4.5cm. 

Bright silver, 18ct gold-plated silver. 


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