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  • Elliot Mug
  • Elliot Mug
  • Elliot Mug
  • Elliot Mug
  • Elliot Mug
  • Elliot Mug

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An undulating story unfolds in delicate black print around the fine bone china mug as part of our 'Little Dramas' range. A contrasting 22 carat golden lustre crack is revealed upon drinking in the interior of the mug.

The text reads:

She looked up from her lunch as the ground suddenly shook and began to open up, and all her thoughts of the day were quickly swept away and replaced by more pressing concerns, such as if these were indeed to be her final moments, shouldn't she be thinking of something more profound and meaningful than the now disintegrating contents of her tired egg mayonnaise sandwich. "I should never have trusted Elliot", she thought as the world as she knew it quietly came to an end.

Exclusively made in England by traditional artisans of the Potteries.

Care Instructions: Hand wash, do not microwave.

82mm High, 76mm Diameter.
Approximate Capacity: 250ml

Made In England.


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