Awa Crescent


  • Awa Crescent
  • Awa Crescent
  • Awa Crescent
  • Awa Crescent

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Sharp, minimal, bold, graphic. An eye-catching necklace that you can tone down for everyday wear or layer up with statement earrings and other necklaces for a ruling look Nefertiti would be proud of.  

The high-polished gold crescent has a groove engraved along the front and a smooth back so can be worn either way depending on your outfit. Oxidised silver filigree link in this season’s signature pattern adds a spot of interest at the back of the neck, toning in with the oxidised silver looped trace chains.

Necklace measures 46cm, crescent width 9.5cm

Sterling silver chains, link, clasp and jump-rings, 18ct gold-plated brass crescent.


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