Midnight Atar

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  • Midnight Atar
  • Midnight Atar
  • Midnight Atar
  • Midnight Atar

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A necklace of contrasts and contradictions, this piece offers both a mixture of modern and ancient, of clean geometry and the ornate, and of light and dark, resulting in a enticing balance of all.

Drawn by hand, carved from wax by hand, and then filed and polished by hand in our London studio, the solid silver Atar loop is a long time in the making, but an extremely tactile shape and weight results. Suspended from ornate links and oxidised box chains and finished with our signature clasp, the necklace is for lovers of both silver and rich detail.

Necklace length measures 44cm.

Atar piece measures 8.3cm x 5.8cm x 0.4cm. Width of loops are 2.2cm, individual links measure 1.2cm.

Bright and oxidised sterling silver.


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