Issa Necklace

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  • Issa Necklace
  • Issa Necklace
  • Issa Necklace
  • Issa Necklace

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One of those pieces where the pictures will never do it justice, such is the detail of the Issa necklace. This is a necklace to touch and feel and to lose yourself in the detail; bright polished smooth surfaces contrasting immediately with blackened spikes and intricate patterns of chains and links of all sizes. The full spectrum of silver is laid out here in perfect harmony. A discreet engraving lies at the bottom of the square bar pendant: AD1950, a reminder to live in the moment since this is how the present is signified in radiocarbon dating. Comes boxed with the AD1950 explanation card.

Necklace measures 41.5cm, bar measures 5cm long.

100% bright and oxidised sterling silver.


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