Liberty Necklace

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  • Liberty Necklace
  • Liberty Necklace
  • Liberty Necklace
  • Liberty Necklace

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A signature everyday necklace for a very un-everyday woman. Full of personality and edge, sharp and yet feminine. 

A feast for the eyes: double linked bright silver round chain contrasts with articulated barleycorn linkss and an intricately braided rope chain which winds around the neck. A solid rod of silver and detailed serrated casting add a flash of polished silver surface to brighten up your neckline. 

Dress it up as a statement necklace over a plain dress or outfit, or layer it with more silver jewellery for an evening vibe. 

Necklace can be worn at two lengths and measures 42cm and 47cm, total drop 7.5cm.

100% bright and oxidised sterling silver.


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